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Waxoyl Rustproofing Fluid (Lubricant)

Waxoyl Rustproofing Fluid (Lubricant)

  • 1295

Part # YES4004/0501A

Waxoyl rustproofing fluid prolongs your vehicles' life by protecting against rust and damp. It is easy to apply and is ideal for the insides of doors, behind sills and chassis and anywhere that water is likely to collect, forming a flexible weatherproof skin.

• JCB Off Road / Industrial / Construction recommended.

• Ideal for dirt, acid rain, and water repellent on metal surfaces, perfect for the hydraulic   rams!

• Great adhesion, water resistant.

• Does not corrode anodized surfaces or rubber part, seal safe!

• Forms a protective coating with no silicones or fluorocarbons.

• Easily removable with a high pressure steam cleaner.

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