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Rescue LiFePO4 800 Amp Portable Power Pack (mp)

Rescue LiFePO4 800 Amp Portable Power Pack (mp)

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Part # YES604301

Rescue LiFePO4 portable power packs are capable of delivering significant current to start cars, trucks, ATV's, boats, and other 12V equipment. These units feature a 5V USB and a 12V socket that can be used to power accessories or charge electronics like cell phones. 

  • World’s first lithium power pack with charger and maintainer.
  • The most safety features of any jump pack.
  • Only lithium family that can test both battery and alternator.
  • Delivers more cranking AMPS over time delivering the best chance of starting a dead battery.
  • Jump an 8-cylinder vehicle.
  • Test battery and alternator.
  • Charge electronic devices.
  • Heavy duty case, wall, and vehicle charger.
  • 99.8 Wh lithium ion phosphate battery.
  • 1600A Peak / 800A cranking.
  • Out performs small sealed lead acid (SLA) units.
  • Over-charge / over-discharge protection.
  • Overload / overheat protection.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Alternator surge protection.

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